Way To Lose Weight

Way To Lose Weight?

way to lose weightThe most common question asked by millions of  people  all over the world… “What is the most effective and easiest way to lose weight“?  or  “What is the quickest way to lose weight?”  Sadly millions of people start a diet plan and have given up within a week, as it has proved much to hard to follow. The harsh reality about weight loss diets is that 83% of people who go on weight loss diets regain everything they have lost (plus more) in two years.  Millions of dollars are being spent every day in the quest to find the BEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT!

Everyone who has ever been on a diet knows the pain and heartache along with the internal fight to stay on track with any diet or weight loss program however good their intentions are.  Before commencing any weight loss regime take the time and research the benefits and disadvantages of any diet plan..and ask yourself a few questions… like what is the best way to lose weight.

Best Way To Lose Weight?

Slow and Steady is the best way to lose weight and you need to burn approximately 3,500 calories to lose one little pound of fat.

Many people fall for the quick fix diet pills or fad diets or other radical ways to lose weight and find..

The immediate problem with that is this: What happens after you go off the diet? The weight tends to return, and quick weight-loss suggestions are most likely not helping you to lose much fat but rather to lose water weight or lean muscle tissue, the driving force behind burning those calories, which you do not want to lose.

The end result is disappointment as you end up putting all the weight you have lost back on and more.

Way To Lose Weight At Home

You can easily lose weight at home just by adjusting your intake of food, and the amount of daily calories you consume. Simply by dedicating time and energy into eating healthy is the first step to losing weight.  By preparing yourself a home cooked meal each night and increase your daily activity your making the necessary lifestyle changes that are required to lose weight.

  Before going on any weight loss plan it is important to ask yourself a few questions to avoid the disappointment of not being able to continue because it all becomes to hard..

  • Are there other people successfully losing weight with the plan I am about to follow
  • Is This  Safe And Good For My Health
  • How Long Will This Work For
  • Will I Receive Adequate Nutrition On This Diet
  • What Are The Side Effects
  • Will I Be Able To Keep This Up For More Than 3 Months
  • Will I Feel Like I Am Starving All The Time
  • Will I See Long Term Results
  • How Much Will This Cost…
  • What Exactly Is In These Products

Way To Lose Fat Fast

Although there are many ways to lose weight and yes some will show rapid results but the reality is many diet plans will ultimately fail due to the fact that they are too hard to follow day in and day out and this is found very often with products that are designed to lose weight fast.

Another major problem with diet plans, shakes, pills and weight loss products is that they fail to provide adequate nutrition to able the body to stay strong and full of energy.  Once the body becomes tired and weak due to the lack of adequate nutrition so does the mindset to be able to continue with the plan or even think or function properly on a day to day level as Ann Hathaway revealed.

Anne Hathaway has spoken to Vogue about the “near-starvation diet” she was on in order to lose 25 pounds for “Les Miserables,” in which she plays the role of dying prostitute Fantine.  She also says that she was in “a state of deprivation — physical and emotional” after the shoot, and that she “couldn’t react to the chaos of the world without being overwhelmed.”

Weight loss products have become very popular as a way to lose weight, and has also grown into a multi billion dollar industry and today you will find that every pharmacy, supermarket or grocery store has their shelves stocked with the latest and greatest products available to tempt you to try something new. Although they may claim they are offering you the fastest way to lose weight you need to take some time and do some research before purchasing.

Way To Lose Weight Fast Without Pills

Every corner of the globe has some ways to lose weight fast pills and potions however there are ways to lose weight fast without pills, shakes, sprinkles and any of the other quick fix products is by reducing your calories and increasing your activity with a exercise routine…

Although it may be hard to believe your subconscious mind may not want to lose weight permanently.  The reason this happens is your subconscious mind is there to protect you and keep you safe. For many  issues from past conditioning and experiences have resulted in your subconscious mind disapproving of weight loss.

Your subconscious mind may believe dieting or losing weight is hard, painful, waste of time or never successful for you and consequently when you try to lose weight it fails due to your preconditioned mindset.  The preconditioned mindset in your brain  is not your fault, it is the job of the unconscious mind to protect you from pain, hurt or suffering.

You may wonder where these belief patterns came from in the first place.  It can be from past experiences, something you have read or been told at some point in time and your unconscious mind set up a belief pattern to protect you from this.  This is very common in people who have Lap Band Surgery.  They will initially lose weight and then the subconscious mind is not happy and the sabotaging believe patterns step forward and the person may start emotional eating, binge eating or eating junk food and at times even food choices they never ate before.

Way To Lose Weight In A Week

The first step you need to take to lose weight in a week is to make a firm commitment to yourself that you are going to lose weight this week and you will make every effort to be successful..

Here are my quickest way to lose weight tips:

  • Take some time and plan your week including a menu for each meal and shop accordingly.
  • If you have junk food in the cupboard remove it from the house so you will not be tempted.
  • Schedule your day so you have time to exercise.  Although 30 minutes is recommended any exercise or increased activity is better than none.  Walk to work if possible, take the stairs and even think about joining a gym or walking the dog.
  • Carry a water bottle with you and sip on water throughout your day especially if you feel like eating and it’s not meal time.
  • Eat three smaller meals a day and two healthy small snack and eat the bulk of your daily food intake in the first half of the day.
  • And most importantly know you can do this.. Believe in yourself.
  • Treat yourself for your success regardless of how successful you have been.  Ensure this treat is not food..

Way To Lose Weight In A Month

  • To continue losing weight in a month you will need to continue doing the same steps as listed above.. until you reach your desired weight.
  • Following that you will need to start a maintenance program to maintain your ideal body weight.

Way To Lose Weight When It All Gets To Hard

I recommend Hypnosis for weight loss as it is the only weight loss plan that works on your mind to align your actions and thoughts to support you to lose weight fast and easy.

Weight loss hypnosis will work on your subconscious mind and convince the mind that weight loss is really very good for you and it makes you healthy and happy, without even thinking about it.  The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and controls around 90% of all body functions and thoughts.

By now you may be wondering how to overcome these sabotaging mindset belief patterns at overcome your weight issues.  Gastric Band Hypnosis is an advanced form of hypnosis for weight loss and is specifically designed to change old believe patterns that are not working for you.

During Hypnotherapy for weight loss the underlying reasons of why you have not been able to lose weight in the past or maintain a healthy slim body weight will be addressed and transformed into positive beliefs that will allow you to lose weight permanently.

Statistics have shown that many people often suffer some level of depression following a failed diet attempt which teaches the mind that losing weight is impossible or just to hard for you to be successful.  For a weight loss plan to be successful it is important to have the mindset that you can do this and yes you will be successful.  Hypnosis for weight loss has been extremely successful due to this fact alone.

Weight Loss Hypnosis is a powerful tool that anyone can use to maximize their ability to lose weight.  Hypnosis gently changes the unconscious mind to powerful beliefs that you will lose weight and be successful.

To learn more about The Weight Loss Hypnosis System and which is the best way to lose weight.

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