Losing Weight Without Dieting – Is It True Or All Boo Hoo?

Losing Weight Without Dieting – Is It True Or All Boo Hoo?

You can lose weight without dieting there is Weight Loss Without Dietingno reason why you can’t, however for most people they will not lose weight without some type of daily change.

This can be some type of regular physical activity, or a slight modification connected to the way you eat each day, and even a Hypnosis session can get you losing weight without dieting.

I get asked so often can I really lose weight without dieting?  There are so many billion dollar companies making millions of dollars daily selling weight loss plans that promise miracles. But do they really… Celebrities are being paid millions of dollars to endorse weight loss programs but you have to take their word for it.

The simple fact is you can lose weight without dieting or taking their shakes, pill and potions.  And you do have to ask yourself what is in them and are the healthy?  So often I see on the label of so called healthy and natural weight loss products followed by a big list of chemicals – It does make you wonder what the long term effects of these products may be doing to the body.

Watch this video with Dr David Freidman, from Health Radio as he shares some great tips on natural ways to lose weight.

3 Healthy And Easy Ways – How To Lose Weight Without Dieting – That Work

You may be thinking “Oh hereHow to lose weight without dieting we go” however the changes I refer to can be as simple as:

1.  Eating three regular meals each day which help keep your metabolism burning fast.  When you skip meals and/or go for long periods without eating your metabolic rate slows down and consequently you bodies ability to burn off what you have eaten and stored in the past is diminished.  This tip alone has helped many people to burn off excess weight on a daily basis.  Eating more is a common concern for those wishing to lose weight but in reality it helps you lose weight if you eat three regular meals a day.

Another interesting fact that has been highlighted by weight loss experts is that people who skip meals are so hungry that the eat far more than if they ate 3 regular meals and two small snacks during the day.  Also people who skip meals are more likely to reach for chocolate, lollies and fast take away because they need a burst of energy which only makes them put on more weight again.  And the whole cycle begins again.

2.   Drinking more water.  Studies have shown that many people eat when in fact they are only dehydrated not hungry.  So imagine how much weight you could lose if you just drank water instead of picking on food between meals.  A glass of water satisfies the bodies needs within minutes, and many people have reported the psychological need to eat disappears rapidly. Did you know drinking icy cold water makes the body burn up extra calories.  Yes drinking a half a gallon of icy cold water can burn up to 50 to 100 calories a day.

3.  Hypnosis for Weight Loss is another way to get you motivated to lose weight without Dieting.  Weight Loss Hypnosis is a natural way to lose weight and tricks the unconscious mind into believing you no long need large amounts of food that your body doesn’t need.  Your mind can be programmed to eat only small quantities of food and feel full and satisfied.  You can also include suggestions to eat only healthy food, to love and remember to drink more water and eliminate all junk food desires.

In a Hypnosis session your subconscious mind will be given suggestions that you lose weight easily and effortlessly and this eliminates the struggle related to eating less food.  You naturally know you only want to eat small quantities and feel totally satisfied.

If you find you are lacking the willpower to do this on your own discover how my Weight Loss Hypnosis cd’s can help you lose weight without dieting.

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