Lap Band Hypnosis – The Lap Band Without The Surgery

Lap Band Hypnosis Is The Lap Band With Surgery!

Imagine receiving all the benefits of Lap Band Surgery without having to undergo the knife with Lap Band surgery.  Lap Band Hypnosis is a revolutionary way to lose weight by inserting an imaginary lap band, which is performed under hypnosis. Obesity rates are soaring and more people than ever before are looking for easy and successful ways to shed those unwanted kilo’s without the drama of dieting or possible life threatening surgery.

Now Lap Band Hypnosis is changing the way people chose to lose weight.  Lap Band Hypnosis is an advanced form of hypnosis that takes you into a deep hypnotic trance and gently in beds suggestions into your unconscious mind.  At first many people think this may almost be impossible but the success rates are speaking for themselves.

The success rates from people all around the world are indicating this highly specialized form of hypnosis is having remarkable results.  Many people who have struggled to lose weight in the past are now losing weight easily and effortlessly.

Gastric Band Hypnosis

The principal behind the Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis is to trick the mind into believing that you have been and had the surgery in a hospital by a qualified Medical Surgeon and consequently you now will only eat smaller meals as your stomach is so much smaller and can only hold small portions of food.

The stomach can normally hold around five cups of food but when you have the real lap band surgery the stomach is made smaller and can only hold around one cup of food, depending on the type of surgery you have had.  During the Lap Band Hypnosis session you will be given suggestions that your stomach is so much smaller and therefore you will eat much less and feel totally full and satisfied.

When you have the real Lap Band Surgery performed you are given instructions about eating healthy and nutritional information.  During the Lap Band Hypnosis session you will also be given suggestions that you now only choose to eat healthy food including fresh natural foods and you also love drinking fresh healthy water.

Exercise is also a key element in any weight loss system and is highly recommended for everyone regardless of whether you wish to lose weight or not and is included in the hypnotic session in a way that you love exercise and exercise daily.

The power of the mind is unlimited in what it can conceive.  I often get people say “but will it work for me”?  Yes it will if you really want to lose weight down to your ideal healthy body weight and look and feel fabulous.  Although Hypnosis is extraordinary in what it can achieve however Hypnosis will not make you do anything you really don’t want to do.

Lap Band Surgery is considered a major life changing operation and is also very expensive which requires regular monitoring.  The success rates are initially good for the Lap Band Surgery but often people develop complications and other problems which leads to the removal of the Band.

Lap Band Hypnosis works only on the mindset beliefs and consequently there are no major complications experienced as in the real surgery.

To get the full list of benefits and more information on  Lap Band Hypnosis

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4 Responses to Lap Band Hypnosis – The Lap Band Without The Surgery

  1. Frankfurt am Main Abnehmen Hypnose online says:

    I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  2. Jamie says:

    Now I eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored, sad, frustrated, etc. It is truly a “lifestyle” change for the better. Since I did the hypnosis, I feel lighter, in many ways. I feel that weight has started to leave my body, but maybe more importantly, I feel lighter emotionally. I would have spent thousands of dollars with surgery to look like I do now. Thanks for saving me in every way.

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