Lap Band Hypnosis – Does Self Hypnosis Work?

Lap Band Hypnosis – Does Self  Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss

Self  Hypnosis is equally as successful as attending a private one on one session with a Hypnotherapist  and anyone who wants to lose weight or change any aspect of their life can achieve positive results with a self hypnosis cd or tape.  Now recently available is the Lap Band Hypnosis for weight loss which is receiving a lot of publicity due to the remarkable success that is being achieved.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are highly regarded when it comes to changing unwanted or limiting patterns of a persons life.  You can change any aspect of your life including your weight, confidence, sleep patterns, smoking, bed wetting and much more. The power of these mind changing therapies are unlimited.

Lap Band Hypnosis - Self Hypnosis
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Lap Band Hypnosis – Self Hypnosis


Lap Band Hypnosis is used very successfully with weight loss and many client that have great success had previously considered Lap Band Surgery or the Gastric Bypass Surgery as they had tried every other weight loss method without success.  A common view is that they would try the Lap Band Hypnosis method as they had nothing to lose and everything to gain if it worked.

Lap Band Surgery or Gastric Band Hypnosis is a  gentle and safe hypnotherapy session that gently guides the client down into a deep hypnotic trance where they will feel totally relaxed.  I have often heard from my clients that they wish they had undergone hypnosis or had access to the Lap Band Hypnosis system many years ago.  They also stated that they couldn’t believe how easy it was.

I often get asked “Does Self  Hypnosis Work?” and the answer is yes it does.

During the session they will be guided using their imagination into a hospital setting where they will be fitted with a gastric lap band around the top of their stomach.  They will also receive suggestions that this lap band has made their stomach smaller and now they are only able to eat smaller quantities of food and that even though they eat much less they feel full and satisfied for much longer periods of time.

The Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis System also gives suggestion about lifestyle and eating habits, including that you now only desire to eat healthy food and let go of all the need and desire for sugar, fatty food, junk food and snacking between meals.

The reason the Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis System has been so successful is because all the issues are being addressed in one unique session.  These sessions are available on cd’s so you can easily take some quiet time and do self hypnosis on yourself and be very successful.

Another reason why these sessions have proven to be so successful is due to the fact you can listen to them in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.  Plus you can listen to them as often as you wish  without having to attend clinics repeatedly and paying high prices for your Lap Band Hypnosis treatments.

An important aspect of the Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis Sessions is that it not only tricks you mind to believe you have the band and can only eat small quantities of food, it also instills very good eating habits.  You  also receive suggestions that you love drinking water and also that you love exercising and taking care of yourself which leads to a high success rate of participating happy clients.

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