Insights Into The Lap Band Surgery Procedure?

Insights Into The Lap Band Surgery Procedure

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The Lap Band Surgery
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The Lap Band Surgery


Before you make that final decision as to whether you will go ahead and have the Lap Band Surgery procedure make sure you inform yourself with everything you need before making that big decision.  The success rates with the Lap Band Surgery have initially been very good for many although long-term studies have revealed the long-term success is not nearly as good with only 4 out of 10 clients maintaining success within a 5 year period.  Lap Band Surgery can be performed to in three ways to allow the patient to lose weight.

Medical advancements allow people suffering from being overweight and obesity have the option of three types of surgery to assist them lose weight often due to medical reasons.

1.    Adjustable Gastric Band
2.    Gastric Bypass
3.    Sleeve Gastrectomy

These 3 operations require surgery and post operative recovery time.  Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery commonly called Lap Band Surgery is the most commonly performed procedure and is the least intrusive.  The benefit of this surgery if you find it not working for you then you can have it removed.

What Lap Band Surgery Involves

The surgery involves five small incisions about one centimetre in length and one larger incision which is normally about an inch in length. The Surgeon uses laparoscopic surgery to perform the operation which he can monitor the full procedure on a screen, for greater success.  Laparoscopic surgery allows the procedure to be done without major invasive surgery, which would involve longer recovery time and greater risks to the patient. During the surgery the surgeon will use a surgical instrument called  laparoscope to place a small band around the top of the stomach which is designed to restrict the amount of food the stomach will be able to hold.

In reality you now have a new stomach about the size of a golf ball.  Following surgery post surgical adjustments can be made to either tighten or loosen the band depending on the needs of the patient.  This is performed by increasing or decreasing the saline inside the band via the port implanted under the skin in the abdomen for easy adjustment of the band.

Following the procedure you will need to follow the strict guides given by your surgeon about the foods allowed in the Lap Band Diet as this is crucial for success.

What Are The Alternatives To Lap Band Surgery?

Sadly more people than ever before are struggling to lose weight and for many the harder they try the more weight they seem to put on.  Lap Band Surgery can be performed to in three ways to dramatically reduce weight. Before considering any type of surgery you need to know all the facts, statistics and alternative treatments including the Gastric Band Hypnosis System and especially why hypnosis for weight loss works.

The Gastric Band Surgery is really a Lap Band System without the surgery and is a proven way to lose weight without the trauma and extreme expense, which can become extremely expensive if complications arise.  This is remarkably powerful and effective whilst being safe and it available at a fraction of the Real Lap Band Surgery Procedure.  Hypnotherapy for weight loss has changed the concept of losing weight and now many people have lost huge amounts of weight and finding it very easy to maintain long-term.

Unlike a surgical lap band procedure performed in a hospital with risks of anaesthesia, infection and post operative complications Gastric Band Hypnosis is harmless to the client, as it is performed using the power of the unconscious mind, to achieve your weight loss goals.

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