Hypnotic Gastric Band – Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnotic Gastric Band – Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Are you a person who has tried everything possible to lose weight and failed, and has a (BMI) Body Mass Index of 35 or over.  If you answer YES to this and you are totally committed to losing weight along with a commitment to eating a diet of healthy fresh foods and exercising then you are a top candidate for Hypnotic Gastric  Band.  Hypnosis for weight loss is proving highly successful for thousands of people without the need for surgery.

Hypnotic Gastric Band

Real Gastric Banding

Many people are opting for Lap Band Surgery although the surgery can be risky and some report unpleasant side effects following the surgery.  Statics show that eighty percent of patients report symptoms of nausea, reflux, difficulty with swallowing along with obstruction or blockage, diarrohea and constipation.

The cost of having real lap band surgery is very expensive and the costs range between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on where you choose to have the surgery done.  This does not include test prior to surgery or any post operative visit or cost incurred if any complications arise.

The idea of Gastric Band Hypnosis System or the imaginary mind bind is hard for some people to conceive but once they fully understand this ingenious way to lose weight without surgery or post operative care, they are very keen to try the Gastric Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis System.

What To Expect With Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnosis

The Gastric Band Hypnosis is a safe and simple session of Hypnosis performed by a qualified hypnotherapist.  During the Hypnotic Gastric Band session you will be guided into a deep hypnotic trance and then guided through the full procedure of inserting the gastric band around the top of your stomach. You will be given suggestions that your stomach is now much much smaller and you will only be able to eat small quantities of food which makes you feel full and satisfied.

Other suggestions are included such as eating nutritious meals of  healthy fresh nourishing foods along with suggestions that you no longer like fatty foods, fried foods, take away food and sugar.

You will also receive suggestions that you love exercise on a daily basis and enjoy drinking water.  By combining all the elements of good health practices the success of Gastric Band Hypnosis is very high and people who lose weight with Hypnosis can maintain their ideal healthy body weight for the rest of their lives.

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