Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

New Studies are revealing how Hypnosis and  Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss is proving far more effective than any other weight loss method!!

Hypnosis for Weight Loss is becoming more and more popular as people are realizing all the latest fad diets, expensive pills, shakes and even surgery have negative side effects or involve lifestyle changes that many people struggle to do on their own.  You many be wondering “Does Hypnosis  for weight loss Work?”  The answer is yes! and there are many success stories to verify this claim.

Hypnosis for weight loss is the easiest way to lose weight especially when you use a self hypnosis cd to assist you, all the suggestions are implanted in the unconscious mind and you can listen to the cd or mp3 over and over at a time that is convent for you without ongoing expenses, time and travel or you can have a series of sessions with a Hypnosis For Weight Loss hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Studies Revealed:

  • Hypnosis Weight Loss Over 30 Times as Effective for Losing Weight
    Cochrane, Gordon; Friesen, J. (1986). Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 54, 489-492.
  • Two Years Later: Hypnosis Subjects Continued To Lose Significant Weight. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (1985)
  • Hypnosis Subjects Lost More Weight Than 90% of Others and Kept it Off. University of Connecticut, Storrs Allison DB, Faith MS.
  • Hypnosis For Weight Loss More Than Doubled The Average Weight Loss
    Kirsch, Irving (1996). Hypnotic enhancement of cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments–Another meta-reanalysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64 (3), 517-519.
  • Hypnosis can more than double the effects of traditional weight loss approaches
    University of Connecticut, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996 (Vol. 64, No. 3, pgs 517-519).
  • Showed Hypnosis As “An Effective Way To Lose Weight”
    Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (1986)

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The subconscious mind control nearly all the actions and decision a person makes on a daily basis.  During a persons life time many incidents, comments, embarrassing moments and pain (just to mention a few), that we have experienced are stored in the unconscious mind.  For most people these long standing memories and belief patterns are the cause as to why people do things which they don’t want to do, although they are unable to stop themselves. This is where Hypnosis can help!

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Can Include:

  • Eating All The Time
  • Eating food you know you don’t want or need
  • Never feeling totally satisfied regardless of how much you eat.
  • Living on and binging on junk foods
  • Excess snacking between meals
  • Lack of exercise
  • And in general not taking good care of yourself.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – Does It Work?

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis and Hypnosis for weight loss is a well respected and valid form of holistic alternative medicine which is practiced all over the world with huge success.  Hypnosis is a powerful technology that is used to transform negative behaviour into positive behaviour.   Weight Loss Hypnotherapy /Hypnosis is very successful for transforming negative or unwanted habits including behaviours connected with over eating, eating unhealthy foods, stress relief, nail biting, smoking and so many more issues. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to induce relaxation and to influence the unconscious mind to accept new programming which lead to positive changes.

Once a person is induced into a hypnotic trance the brain wave frequencies slows down.  The person being hypnotized will find their awareness is much sharper than usual.  Many people report a state of focused awareness and that it feels like they are an observer instead of being involved in the process.

During a Hypnosis For Weight Loss session this higher state of awareness allows you to easily access the subconscious mind directly.  Once a person has reached this state the brain is much more receptive to suggestions given by the Hypnotherapist. During a hypnosis session the conscious and unconscious mind can be reprogrammed to release old believes, feeling and patterns and replace them with positive suggestions of the desired outcome.

One current study published by the International Journal of Eating Disorders discovered that individuals who obtain nutritional schooling together with particular food aversion hypnosis were five times more likely to lose weight than those who don’t ever receive hypnosis

What To Expect In A Hypnosis and Weight Loss Session

A Hypnosis Weight Loss session consists of three parts, the first part is the induction.  During an induction you will hear words, phrases and imagery which guides you  to focus you awareness on your inner being.  Usually you will be guided to relax although relaxation isn’t necessarily required.  A Hypnosis for weight loss hypnotherapist will guide you with words often about a relaxing scene or event, all that is required of the client is to breathe and listen to the sound of the hypnotherapist’s voice.  The second part of the induction usually involves being guide down somewhere and the hypnotherapist will count this for you 10…9…8  This will allow you to fall into a deeper trance.

The second stage in the hypnosis for weight loss session is where the previous belief patters are reprogrammed to the positive desired outcome.  During this stage you will have access to the subconscious mind as required to achieve the desired outcome.  During this stage you will use your imagination to assist you to realize your new belief patterns.

When receiving a Weight Loss Hypnosis session you Hypnosis for Weight Loss will receive suggestions that you easily lose all that unwanted weight now and that you eat smaller quantities of  healthy food choices.  The suggestions depend on what the client is experiencing in their present life and whatever positive outcomes are needed to create change which leads to losing weight.

The third and final stage of the Hypnosis for weight loss is where you will hear a simple instruction that you will be coming out of hypnosis and the hypnotherapist often counts from one to five.

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Dieting, shakes, pills and private weight loss clinics are extremely expensive and require regular payment to continue on the program.  If you are really serious about losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight for the rest of your life then Hypnosis For Weight Loss can assist you.  Self  Hypnosis for Weight Loss  is a very successful way to achieve this as you can listen to the audio as often as you need, for as long as you need.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss takes the pain and fight out of losing weight.  Hypnosis is a safe and natural therapy that heals the mind and body by reprogramming the mind to change old habits that are not supporting the life you wish to live.

Hypnosis is an amazing therapy that takes all the hard work and discipline out of  dropping excess kilo’s by training your mind that you only eat small portions of healthy food and feel full and satisfied with smaller quantities of food.

People of all ages have achieved amazing results from Hypnosis by allowing themselves to be open to surrendering their conscious and unconscious mind to receive new suggestions to be implanted into the unconscious mind.  Once the new suggestions have replaced the old mindset beliefs many clients have reported they have no desire for the old habits they once had. For example eating large quantities of food or junk foods.

There are many ways you can receive a hypnosis session.

1. Self Hypnosis

2. By attending a Hypnosis Clinic

3.  Listening to a pre recorded Hypnosis audio tape or cd.

4.  You can even have a Hypnosis session via skype or watch a dvd which you will be guided to fall into a hypnotic trance and receive all the benefits as if you were right along side a hypnotherapist.

The most powerful way to lose weight is the Gastric Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis for Weight Loss Session which is an advanced weight loss audio which guides you through the procedure of Lap Band Surgery without the need for real surgery in a real hospital.

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