Hypno Band – Hypnosis – Weight Loss Lap Band Without Surgery

Hypno Band Hypnosis Is A Weight Loss Lap Band Surgery Without The Surgery – Using Only The Power Of Your Mind.

You many  be thinking it is impossible but more and more people are losing a lot of weight using the powerful Hypno Band technique.  Your mind is tricked into thinking you have been to hospital and have a surgical Lap Band placed around the top  of your stomach so in the future you will only be able to eat smaller quantities of food and feel full and satisfied. The hypnoband techniques involves using you imagination whilst in a  hypnotic trance to fit the gastric hypno band.

Hypno Band
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Hypno Band


It is hard to believe that medical science has advanced so far.  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have long been used in surgery for patients who cannot undergo a normal anaesthetic.  The power of the mind is able to conceive that anything is possible.

Hypnoband weight loss has given hope to many people who have considered lap band surgery but for some reason have not undergone the surgery.  Also people who have had Lap Band Surgery and then have had to get the band removed for one reason or another are finding the hypno gastric band system is working very successfully for them too.  To be eligible for weight loss surgery you need to be classified as obese and have a BMI of over 25.   The Hypno Band System has no limitations on who is able to use this system.

The program is designed to make you believe that your stomach is smaller and consequently you can only eat small quantities of food and you will feel totally satisfied.  Many people often state they just can not eat what they used to consume and they find they are leaving food on their plate.

How Is the Hypno Band Surgery Done?

The Hypnoband Surgery is done by a qualified hypnotherapist who will gently guide you into a lovely and relaxing hypnotic trance.  The hypnotherapy session includes suggestions about eating slowly and only eating enough food until you feel full.  A hypnosis session normally lasts about an hour although when this session is over you will feel like it was only a few minutes.

Following a Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis session you will feel like you have had the surgery and all the suggestions that were embedded in your unconscious mind will guide you to change your old habits with you even having to think about it.

I also like to include suggestions about only eating healthy food choices and drinking more water along with the love of exercise.  The overall aim of the Hypno Band Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis session is to allow you to become free of the old chains that bound you to being over weight in the first place.  Following the session you will have a slim persons mindset.

How Do I Get A Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis Session?

You can find a therapist in your area who will be able to assist you once you make an appointment or you can download a session immediately on the internet.  Yes that’s right.  The wonderful thing about down loading from the internet is the fact that you can listen to the sessions as often as you wish  in the comfort of your own home with having to organize a booking with a therapist in your area.  Another bonus of down loading a session on the internet is that you only ever pay for one session not numerous sessions until it works.

Click here for more information on the downloadable   Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis  -  Hypno Band

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