Hypnosis and Your Mindset Matters

Hypnosis and Your Mindset Matters

Hypnosis and your mindset.  Your mindset matters when you wish to change.   When you take the time to get yourself in the right mindset everything begins to happen.  Losing Weight with Hypnosis doesn’t happen overnight but the weight does begin to shift..

Hypnosis can train your brain and mindset to choose healthy options of food and lifestyle.

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Thnk yourself as you wish to be

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How Hypnosis Works

How Hypnosis Works

Many people are curious about Hypnosis and often ask How Hypnosis Works  Hypnosis works by reprogramming your unconscious mind to believe new suggestions are true. The unconscious mind can not determine whether the new suggestions are in fact true or not, it just believes the new information is correct..

For example:

The old mindset beliefs in the unconscious mind believed you loved eating chocolate, however following a Hypnosis session you now believe you don’t enjoy chocolate and infact you never want to eat another piece of chocolate ever again.

The brain consists of two minds the conscious and unconscious mind and during a hypnosis session the Hypnotherapist is speaking to your unconscious mind

Watch this video and you will see..

How Hypnosis Works

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Why You Should Consider Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Why You Should Consider Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Why you should consider Weight Loss Hypnotherapy   The reason you should consider Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is because it has been proven to train your mind to eat less and feel full and satisfied, which in the long term makes losing weight very easy.  Many people who are overweight really struggle with healthy eating and Hypnotherapy trains your mind to love healthy foods and  lose the desire for unhealthy foods.

Lets bе honest with оur selves, obesity in Australia and thе UK iѕ a huge problem аnd ассоrding tо reports, obesity hаѕ bесоmе ѕuсh a huge health risk аnd problem it iѕ nоw classed аѕ ѕеriоuѕ аѕ smoking health related problems.

Wе аll knоw thаt уоu саn die frоm smoking health related issues ѕuсh аѕ cancer but did уоu knоw thаt уоu соuld die frоm obesity?

Iѕ thаt a shock? Hаvе уоu nоw woken uр аnd started tо tаkе notice? I hоре ѕо bесаuѕе obesity саn bе a killer juѕt likе bеing addicted tо smoking.

Aссоrding tо a recent report bу thе timе 2030 соmеѕ nеаrlу 40% оf adults in thе UK will bе classed аѕ obese аnd thiѕ means thаt 40% оf uѕ соuld ѕее оur life expectancy cut short thrоugh health related issues thаt аrе аѕѕосiаtеd with obesity.

Wе аrе nоt talking аbоut bеing a bit оvеr weight, wе аrе talking аbоut nоt taking care оf уоurѕеlf аnd nоt worrying аbоut уоur weight whеn уоu start tо put оn a couple оf stone. Tо mаnу оf uѕ bury оur heads in thе sand whеn it соmеѕ tо оur weight but if уоu wаnt tо enjoy уоur life аnd stay healthy thеn уоu nееd tо start taking obesity аnd уоur health seriously.

Mаnу оf uѕ hаvе triеd thе conventional wау оf losing weight bу gоing оn lots оf diffеrеnt diets but nоt ѕееing аnу rеаl results. People bесоmе angry bесаuѕе thеу аrе dieting аll week аnd ѕее nо results аnd tо bе honest thiѕ iѕ nоt juѕt happening tо a few, thiѕ iѕ happening tо thousands оf people.

A leading professor wаѕ asked tо dо research оn diets аnd hе found thаt diets dо nоt work fоr mоѕt people, hе wеnt furthеr аnd ѕаid thаt people саn асtuаllу put mоrе weight оn whеn it соmеѕ tо dieting ѕо whаt iѕ thе solution?

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works

Aссоrding tо Claire Hegarty a leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert, thе solution iѕ weight loss hypnotherapy. Thе leading weight loss hypnotherapy expert hаѕ ѕаid thаt weight loss hypnotherapy аllоwѕ people tо lose weight withоut dieting.

Claire Hegarty explained thаt weight loss hypnotherapy works with ѕоmеоnе whо iѕ overweight tо retrain thеir mind; it аllоwѕ thеir mind tо bе retrained tо make thеm bеliеvе thеу hаvе a rеаl gastric band fitted withоut аnу surgery.

Thiѕ аllоwѕ thеm tо eat lеѕѕ аnd bесоmе full mоrе quickly аnd hеnсе аllоwѕ thеm tо eat whаt thеу wаnt аnd whеn thеу wаnt but eating smaller portions, whiсh means thеу start tо lose weight.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy аlѕо works bу gеtting rid оf аnу bad habits ѕоmеоnе mау hаvе with food аnd works with thе client tо givе thеm mоrе confidence аnd will power.

Eасh week men аnd women аrе losing weight bу uѕing hypnotherapy аftеr battling fоr years оn diets thаt dо nоt work. Thiѕ hаѕ nоw turned thе diet industry оn itѕ head with mаnу commercial managers in thе diet industry worried аbоut thеir profits with thе powerful weight loss hypnosis technique.

Thе powerful hypnotic technique hаѕ bесоmе ѕо popular celebrities аrе nоw uѕing it tо lose weight inѕtеаd оf gоing оn diets thаt dо nоt work.

To learn more about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy click here

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3 Weight Loss Hypnosis Tips To Force Your Body To Lose Weight Part 1

3 Weight Loss Hypnosis Tips To Force Your Body To Lose Weight (Part 1)

Today I am going to share Three Weight Loss Hypnosis Tips To Force Your Body To Lose Weight.  Shedding weight is a  mind and body journey and the two need to be in complete alignment.

When you align the two it is possible to force your body to lose weight fast.

Everyone has there own story as to how and why they hold excess body weight, and there is  also a  number of complex reasons as to why some people develop negative thoughts and eating patterns.  To change these patterns into positive eating habits you need to work on your mind.  Weight Loss Hypnosis works on the unconscious mind to interrupt the negative habits and replace them with new and positive ones.

The mind affects the body in many ways including:

  • Eating A Healthy Diet
  • Drinking Water
  • Eliminating Fat and Toxins from the body
  • Deep Breathing to activate the bodies metabolism.

To achieve a dramatic change in a your body, you  must first make permanent changes within your mind. Every minute of the day your subconscious mind is working hard to keep you stable and consistent with all  your daily actions, including the ones that sabotage all your weight loss efforts.

This is the reason that dieting alone is often not quite enough to lose weight consistently or you lose a  lot of weight only to find you have regained it again.  Healthy mind thoughts have a powerful and lasting effect on the body which leads to losing weight in a healthy way which includes eating healthy and it a way to boost your metabolism.

But how do I do this?

It is through interrupting the old thoughts and patterns that this occurs.

There are several ways..  Read Part Two To Find Out How!!

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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Testimonial From A Client – Video

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Testimonial From A Client – Video

Here is a client testimonial of a Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis client who shares here experience with the Gastric Mind Band!

These amazing stories are coming from clients from all over the world

Watch the Virtual Gastric Band Testimonial as see for yourself!!!


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Why Gastric Band Hypnosis Should Be On The NHS Instead Of Gastric Band Surgery

Why Gastric Band Hypnosis Should Be On The NHS Instead Of Gastric Band Surgery?


The Gastric Band Surgery cost the National Health System every year millions of dollars which in many cases is wasted due to the failure of the surgery, many people are now asking should the Gastric Band Hypnosis system of weight loss, be added to the NHS instead of  Gastric Band Surgery to assist patients loss long term weight loss.

Band Lap

Lap Band Surgeon

Many Hypnosis experts believe that the Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions could offer a far more cost effect and less expensive way to lose weight as it is a much safer system with no recorded side effects.

“As the fight against Australia’s obesity epidemic continues, more and more people are turning to gastric banding, a procedure more commonly known as lap band surgery, to help beat the bulge. But many health professionals and patients are starting to worry the gastric band may be more dangerous than the morbid obesity and diabetes it’s supposed to help prevent”.

It has been reported that around 14,000 Australian patients underwent the surgery last year and everyday the demand is gaining momentum, regardless of the risks and complications.

Currently the Gastric Band Hypnosis or Hypno Banding is often comes under fire by Medical Doctors who believe that Hypnosis has not been proven to assist with long term weight loss, however there are many many clients who have given testimonials of the success that they have achieved by opting to undergo the surgery with a Hypnotist.

For many countries through out the world the number of people who are opting for surgical intervention to drastically decrease their body weight is increasing every year. Gastric Surgery has been successful for many patients however the procedure has come under fire due to the number of complications that many patients experience including infection, band slippage etc.

It is commonly believed that Gastric Band Surgery should only be used as a last resort. It has been revealed that 80% of patients who undergo Gastric Surgery experience so type of complication following their surgery which can include death.

The Weight loss hypnosis procedure of Gastric Band Hypnosis provides all the benefits of the real surgery without ever having to have the real surgical procedure. Many leading health and wellness experts agree that Gastric Band Hypnosis should be tried by all patients before being selected as a suitable candidate for surgery.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Is A Safe Alternative To Gastric Banding

The Virtual Gastric Band is performed in a by a therapist trained in  clinical hypnotherapy to assist you to allow your mind to fall into a hypnotic trance. During Hypnosis the therapist talks to your unconscious mind gently telling it that you are in the operating theatre having the surgery.

Read here how Carrie Lost 7 Stone Weight Gastric Band Hypnosis.

One of the main benefits of the Virtual Gastric Mind band is that Gastric Band Hypnosis following the session you believe you have experienced that surgery and that your stomach now feels smaller.  When you  go to eat your meals you stomach fills up fast and you can only eat a very small portion and you are unable to eat anywhere near the quantity of food you once ate.

Click here to learn more about the Virtual Gastric Band By Hypnosis

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Gastric Band Hypnosis Breaking Up With Unhealthy Food Tips

Gastric Band Hypnosis Breaking Up With Unhealthy Food Tips


Gastric Band Hypnosis Breaking Up With Unhealthy Food Tips I am sure you are aware that Gastric Band Hypnosis is all about losing weight, eating less and breaking up with unhealthy food,  Right!!  Gastric Band Hypnosis trains your mind that you will feel full and satisfied with less food and most good hypnosis programs included suggestions that you now only desire healthy food, so today I am sharing some tips on healthy eating to super charge your weight loss efforts..

Breaking Up With Unhealthy Food Tips 

Eating the same foods as you ate previously will only leave you with the body you have now.  To achieve a healthy slim body you need to change not only the quantity you eat but for most people it requires the letting go of unhealthy foods as well.

Eating healthy is vital not only for weight loss but important for your health as well.

Every little change you make adds up to a whole lot of healthy living!!

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Gastric Band Hypnosis Breaking Up With Unhealthy Food Tips

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Gastric Band Hypnosis Melbourne – Find A Hypnotherapist

Gastric Band Hypnosis Melbourne – Find A Hypnotherapist

Looking for Gastric Band Hypnosis in Melbourne? Hypnosis And The Unconscious Mind – How It Works To Produce Successful Results!Finding the right Hypnotherapist is vital for the successful outcome of your session.  As the word spreads about how successful Gastric Band Hypnosis has become there has been a rise in the number of hypnotherapists who have no qualifications.  When you are looking for a therapist in Melbourne or any where for that matter, search for a qualified, reputed and positive therapist to perform your Gastric Band Hypnosis session.

What You Need To Know About Finding Gastric Band Hypnosis  In Melbourne

Before setting off to find a Melbourne hypnotherapist you need to know exactly what you expect from the Hypnotherapist and what outcomes you expect to achieve.   For example My aim is to lose weight, eat less and feel full quickly and still feel satisfied.

You will know when you find the right therapist for during your initial consultation.  Feel free to ask questions and if the Gastric Band Hypnotherapist can answer your questions in a way that you can understand and relate to, the easier you will find it to relax and let the session flow successfully.

You can search for a Gastric Band Hypnosis in Melbourne on the internet in your local area, newspapers, health food stores or even the phone book.  Another way to find the right Hypnotherapist for you is word of mouth.  If one of your friends has had a successful experience at a particular Melbourne Hypnosis clinic then you may feel  this suits you too.

The cost of professional Hypnosis varies from therapist to therapist regardless of whether you live in Melbourne or not, and remember cheapest or the most expensive doesn’t always mean you will get the best Hypnosis session for you.  Find someone who you feel comfortable with who has the experience and qualifications to help you, that you feel comfortable with.

Gastric Band Hypnosis Home Audio Program

You can also download a complete Gastric Band Gastric Band Hypnosis Melbourne Hypnosis program that will take you through the whole procedure, just like you were in a Hypnotherapist office receiving the treatment, at a fraction of the cost.

Another advantage of the downloaded audio recordings is you can listen to the recordings over and over again at your convenience without ever having to pay for further session or having to schedule appointments which you will need to keep, if you want the Gastric Surgery Hypnosis to be successful.

The Online Gastric Band Hypnosis program includes the full Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis session plus additional bonus hypnosis session including suggestions like:

  • You now prefer to eat only healthy foods and happily eliminate junk from your diet
  • You love drinking water
  • You Love exercise.

To find out further information about the Online Gastric Band Hypnosis Course

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Gastric Band Hypnosis Blog

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Gastric Banding Hypnosis – Client Testimonials Video

Gastric Banding Hypnosis – Client Testimonials Video

Have you considered Gastric Band Hypnosis and are wondering what the real results are? Many success stories are being shown in the news about how this hypnosis session that creates a stomach band in your mind.  Watch the Gastric Banding Hypnosis Testimonial video and see for yourself the results two ladies achieved.  Yes it is Real ladies – real results..

Bill Weir from the ABC Nightline news speaks with Clarriss De Long who lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks and Molly Everett who has lost 76lb by convincing her mind she had undergone Gastric Bypass Hypnosis surgery without ever going under the knife.

Clarissa says it was almost like dreaming.. but it was in fact tricking the mind to lose weight.

Watch the video to hear here full story.




You have to agree these ladies have proven the medical experts wrong!

Click here to get your Gastric Band Hypnosis audio’s and start losing weight today.

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Everything You Need To Know About Lap Band Surgery

Everything You Need To Know About Lap Band Surgery

Surgery Lap Band

Lap Band Surgery

There is so much confusing information about Lap Band Surgery, and making the right choice for you is vital.  There are different types of surgeries and different Surgeons prefer different procedures.  If you are considering weight loss surgery you need to familiarize yourself with the different procedures to make the correct choice for yourself.

Before considering any type of surgery you need to know all the facts, statistics, risks and alternative treatments including the hypnosis for weight loss including the Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis System.

The success rates with the Lap Band Surgery have initially been very good for many although long term studies have revealed the long term success is not nearly as good with only 4 out of 10 clients maintaining success within a 5 year period although there are a number of reason that contribute to these statistics including surgery complications and patients not following the instructions given by the surgeon.

Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band Surgery involves a complete lifestyle change and you need to follow the rules to achieve a successful outcome. Today people suffering from being overweight and obesity have the option of three types of Gastric Band Surgery to assist them lose weight. They are

  • Adjustable Gastric Band
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
Each of these operations require surgery and post operative recovery time. Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery commonly called Lap Band Surgery is the most commonly performed procedure and is the least intrusive. The benefit of this surgery if you find it not working for you then you can have it removed. The surgery involves five small incisions about one centimetre in length and one larger incision which is normally about an inch in length. The Surgeon uses laparoscopic surgery to perform the operation which he uses to monitor the full procedure on a screen, for greater success. Laparoscopic surgery allows the procedure to be done without major invasive surgery, which would involve longer recovery time, possible complications and greater risks to the patient.

During the surgery the surgeon will use surgical instruments via the laparoscope to place a small band around the top of the stomach which is designed to restrict the amount of food the stomach will be able to hold. In reality you have a new stomach about the size of a golf ball. Following surgery post surgical adjustments can be made to either tighten or loosen the band depending on the needs of the patient. This is performed by increasing or decreasing the saline inside the band via the port implanted under the skin in the abdomen.

There are many health benefits for weight loss surgery although there are some risks and complications. Many people feel the risks are worth taking as their weight is so out of control there is nothing else they can do – they have tried it all, although Gastric Band Hypnosis has proven to be most beneficial for many obese patients.

Lap Band Surgeon Dr Friez stated: Meanwhile, the preponderance of evidence for the benefits of bariatric surgery continues to grow. For example, a very recent meta-study conducted at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic combed through scores of studies covering some 20,000 or more patients and found that the reductions in weight produced by surgeries corresponded with verifiable reductions in heart disease risk. As more and more studies appear to be bolstering the positive health benefits of various weight loss surgery options—and significant and permanent weight loss for the severely obese continues to be elusive for most patients.

Initially following the procedure patients report pain, swelling of the skin around the wounds and bruising. Many have also noticed feeling sick and others have vomited following eating, especially if they have tried to eat to much food.

Lap Band Surgery Diet

Diet Lap Band

Lap Band Diet

Initially for around three weeks a liquid diet required whilst the stomach heals. After that time frame you will be able to eat mashed foods and then a gradual increase to other food choices is allowed including soft chicken, fish, soups, potato and peas.

Every patient will be different so it really is a trial and error process to learn how your body will tolerate food following the surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on what you can and can’t eat and the time frame they recommend. Most surgeons recommend extra vitamin supplements to be to be taken daily to ensure you receive adequate nutrition.

Lap Band Surgery Video Including A Diet Overview Following The Surgery.

Lap Band Surgery Risks

Other more serious complications can include infection, blockages or other problems which may require the Surgeon to do more invasive surgery to reverse and further health risks. As with any operation complications can develop including excessive bleeding, reaction to the anaesthetic, developing a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the leg). As people are overweight prior to the surgery this increases the chances of developing complications pre and post operatively.

Lap Band Surgery Side Effects

Latest Studies Are Now Saying: Weight Loss Surgery is Now Having Unexpected Side Effects Including:

1. New Evidence Shows A Risk Of Bone Loss Following Surgery

“Even though we don’t yet understand all the mechanisms, we can see that the more radical the procedure, the greater the bone loss long-term,” said Dr. Brzozowska, who undertook the review as part of her PhD. “We are certainly not arguing against bariatric surgery. There is no doubt that it is an effective weapon against obesity and obesity-related diabetes. We just ask that doctors and patients take bone health into account,”

2. Dangerous Drop In Blood Sugar Can Occur

A condition is emerging in a small percentage of clients, occurring 2 to 5 years after bariatric surgery. The condition, associated primarily with the Roux-en-Y procedure, is a potentially dangerous drop in blood sugar, called hypoglycemia. The symptoms occur after meals and include feeling confused or light headed, having a fast pulse, sweating, and shaking. Because these symptoms are similar to dumping symptoms, many clients are not given a proper workup for blood sugar regulation abnormalities. One factor that distinguishes hypoglycemia in these clients is blacking out, and in some cases causing car accidents. Clients may also report feeling ravenous, having bad morning headaches, or having nightmares.

3. Dumping Syndrome

Dumping syndrome is a disorder in which the contents in the stomach are delivered to the small intestine too rapidly. The dumping reaction occurs when the patient eats sugary food that then passes rapidly into the bowel. Dumping usually lasts between 30 to 60 minutes and is very uncomfortable. Symptoms include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, faintness, increased and rapid heart rate, breaking into cold sweats, and hypotension.

4. Nutritional Deficiencies

Another gastric bypass complication is nutritional deficiency. Common problems include:

  • Inadequate absorption of calcium.
  • Iron deficiency
  • Thiamine deficiency
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Thiamine deficiency
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Protein malnutrition

These deficiencies are usually treated by supplementation.

5. A new study reveals how weight loss surgery could possibly increase the risk or turning to alcohol and illicit drugs. Here are the results of the testing:

Patients Include – 132 women and 23 men — who had undergone one of two commonly performed types of weight-loss surgery filled out questionnaires including items on their eating, smoking and recreational drug use before and after surgery. In general, use of such substances rose at the time of surgery with additional and incremental increases at one, three, six and 24 months after the procedure. Specifically, people who had a type of weight-loss surgery known as gastric bypass were at risk for increased alcohol use after the procedure.

I personally believe this depends on each individual and whether you have a tendency to be an addictive type personality. I feel you should not let this be the reason for not having the surgery, however you may wish to speak to your surgeon if you feel this may affect you following your surgery.

Even though Lap Band Surgery has proven highly successful for many people there are associated problems with mindset for many people. They find they are able to enjoy things they could never have before when dieting. Here is a story which is quiet common from a:

Lap Band Surgery Forum

Now I will share with you a story from a lady who has a lap band and how she is doing three years later…

bandster here… It’s been three years since my surgery.

In summary, I’ve lost over 140 pounds in two years, but the past year, I’ve gained at least one pound a month and it appears there is no stopping soon.
Last year, I weighed about 103-108. Ive gained 10 pounds this past year and am predictably gaining about one pound a month. Every single month.

It all started last fall when I started to overeat, mostly desserts. The overeating has become usual now, especially at night. My mind tells me stop! I think about this horror almost all day long, but I just -don’t stop. I see my body growing every moment of every day and I fear getting out of bed to start the process over again.

Such a sad story and Dr Charles reveals why.

The other problem with the surgery option is over time, the stomach can expand, Dr. Charles said. The person regains lost weight because they return to their old eating habits.

“Even with bariatric surgery, you have to commit to a change. Why don’t you change without surgery and without side effects and get the same results?” he asked.

To be successful at any weight loss plan you need to have the mind supporting you otherwise the unconscious mind will find a way to sabotage your weight loss efforts regardless of what you do.. To learn more about the weight loss mindset click here!

Lap Band Surgery Overview

After many hours of research I believe that Lap Band Surgery should be the very last resort as the complications and risk are extremely unpleasant when they occur and although the Surgeons are saying they are minimal it doesn’t sound like it as you read the stories and reports on the web…

It is vitally important to research the Surgeon who you choose to perform your surgery and gather as much information as you can so you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the best option for you..

If you are unsure I recommend you try the Gastric Band Hypnosis For Weight Loss System.

Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis – Weight Loss Surgery Without The Surgery

You can now have the Lap Band Surgery performed for you under hypnosis, and it has proven to be just like the real thing… with amazing success results as well. A hypnosis weight loss session gently guides you through the full procedure just like you were having the real operation. You will hear the sounds of the hospital trolley, the clatter of surgical instruments, the smell of the anaesthetic and following the surgery know and believe you have a lap band in place and that you will now eat much smaller meals due to fact your stomach is much smaller.

The Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis System is a proven way to lose weight with hypnosis without the surgery, health risks and extreme expense of traditional Lap Band Surgery. Gastric Band Hypnosis is a remarkably powerful and effective way to lose weight whilst being safe and it available at a fraction of the cost of the real Lap Band Surgery Procedure. Hypnotherapy for weight loss has changed the concept of losing weight and now many people have lost huge amounts of weight and finding it very easy to maintain long term. Unlike a surgical procedure performed in a hospital with risks of anaesthetic, infection and post operative complications Gastric Band Hypnosis is harmless to the client, as it is performed using the unconscious mind.

These sessions are very powerful and clients have reported excellent weight loss results each week. The wonderful thing about Gastric Band Hypnosis is that it is safe with no nasty side effects or invasive surgery which can lead to serious complications and in some rare cases even loss of life.

Testimonial For The Gastric Band Hypnosis System:

Hi Mel, i am Teresa and I am the mother of 6 children with and a Nana at 40.Weight loss weight gain and every remedy known to man has met me and failed.This is my first week on the hypnosis program and i have lost 4.1kg and to top it off my body does not even crave more.I am a pastry and savoury lover and the sight of freshly make vanilla slice did not even catch my eye.I am amazed and ready for the stop smoking program.Trust me if this works on me you too will succeed.

Teresa Holding – Victoria Australia


You may be wondering how this works – The system works on the unconscious mind which controls nearly all our thought and belief patterns. These patterns are responsible for you being overweight or obese.

The Safe  and inexpensive Alternative to Lap Band Surgery is  Lap Band Hypnosis  which you can download immediately and start losing weight today before you sign up for expensive invasive surgery.

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Don’t Let Gastric Band Surgery Ruin Your Life – Get The Hypno-Band

I’m sure you have all heard about someone who had unsuccessful Gastric Band Surgery and now claim it ruined their life!!  And believe me these stories are not made up, they are very true.   People who have tried every diet including Weight Watchers, Sensa, Atkins and a million other diets often resort to Gastric Surgery as they feel it is the only option left for them, however there is  a revolutionary new way to  get a Gastric Band and it’s without invasive surgery.. It’s called the Gastric  Hypno Band

The prime goal of all dieters is to get rid of fat faster. Nothing is so frustrating, upsetting, and alarming than living with an unwanted weight. You tried everything from exercise and fad diets to diet pills and were unsuccessful. And, when you think there is nothing you can do to get rid of fat, you cling to another procedure; a Gastric Band operation, hoping to become your ideal weight.

You’ve probably heard of this weight loss procedure, which has become so popular among celebrities using the system to ‘lose weight.’

Gastric Band operations have become big news being endorsed by some famous personalities. All the same, the consequences of this procedure are nowhere near what it boasts achieving. This procedure may seem successful, but only work in the short term. Celebrities may talk about how the operation went and how the procedure has help them lose weight, but never would they reveal the complications and horrible side effects Gastric Band operations involve.

Research unveils that dieters desire to lose weight permanently and in a healthy manner, but may not always be conscious about what procedure is healthy and efficient to use.

There is nothing as awful as living in the shadows, condemned to live with and endure horrible stomach pains throughout the rest of your life and eventually without being able to lose weight.

Research shows that almost 80% of people who had a Gastric Band fitted are experiencing the same alarming issues. The procedure has caused a number of complications, such as regular vomiting, eating disorders, constant stomach ache and many other side effects. The procedure has even resulted in the death of some patients.

Many patients who had the Gastric Band fitted complain that, three years after the operation, they are left in pain and constantly in poor health; they are not able to keep a meal down, and without any hope of becoming their ideal weight. They could even be gaining fat day after day, not to mention the amount of money they spent to have the Gastric Band fitted.

With the Gastric Band operation, you just made your life hell.

Experts weight loss managers and hypnotherapists reveal that the only way for one to lose weight successfully is to use hypnosis. The Hypno-Band system is the alternative that helps dieters lose weight gradually, successfully, and in a healthy way, without having to go under the knife.

The Hypno-Band weight loss system is a hypnotherapy, which uses the power of your mind to build-in a ‘virtual gastric band‘ to your stomach, convincing you that your stomach has shrunk and you only need to eat less and less often.

With  Hypno-Gastric Band, there are no risks, no side effects, no need to be hospitalized, and it is very cost-effective. Many dieters are now considering the use of this revolutionary weight loss system.

In fact, the Hypno-Band procedure is:

1. 100% safe
2. The long-term solution for successful and healthy weight loss.

Next time you want to lose weight, use Hypnosis Gastric Band.

Gastric Band Surgery Verses The Hypno Band

Although Gastric Surgery receives a lot of publicity and sounds like it will be the magic key to losing weight, you need to be very careful as the long term statistics of successful weight loss surgery is not very good.  Also the complications including further surgery, infections and problems with adjusting the band has become very painful and extremely expensive for some.  On the other hand the Hypno Band is very inexpensive compared to the real surgery and offers the same benefits of the real surgery without the complications and expense.

I highly recommend anyone considering Gastric Band Surgery or any type of  Bariatric Surgery to try the Hypno Band first as you may never need the surgery once you do!!

For further information on how to get the Hypno Gastric Band click here

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Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy – Healing Past Emotions To Keep Weight Off

Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy – Healing Past Emotions To Keep Weight Off

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Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy is about  Healing Past Emotions To Keep Weight Off for good.  For most people poor eating habits have been formed as a child or following  traumatic experiences to make themselves feel better on some psychological level.  Abuse has been found to contribute to obesity and weight issues in many cases, and can be overcome! Dino shares his story about his weight issues and the past.

Healing Past Emotions To Keep Weight Off

 Losing weight may not be just about eating less and exercising more. For some people, there may be another obstacle.

It turns out what happened in your past can greatly affect your future when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

45-year-old Dino Bove is a doting father to four boys and a loving husband.

He is also on a journey to lose weight.

At his heaviest in July of last year he weighed 508 pounds.

His problems started when he was young.

“Pretty much it was just snacking all the time. It felt good, I’d watch TV and I didn’t really have to think about anything,” Bove said.

The truth is Dino didn’t want to think or talk about what had happened to him.

He tells Action News he was sexually abused when he was 9.

“I never wanted to be considered a victim of anything and just the embarrassment of it,” Bove said.

He pushed the trauma far back into his subconscious. But this led to years of feeling depressed and ignoring his health.

“It gets to the point where you don’t care, I really didn’t care,” Bove said.

Dr. David Sarwer at Penn Medicine is a psychologist who specializes in weight management. He says there is a link between obesity and abuse. It’s not just sexual abuse, he says, but physical, emotional and neglect, as well.

“All of those situational factors from our childhood and adolescence are related to adult obesity, but the nature of the relationship is somewhat hard to determine,” Sarwer said.

He says just because someone was abused doesn’t mean they will become overweight, but the risk is greater.

And even if they lose weight, the odds of keeping it off are against them.

One theory is because some victims, typically women, may overeat to gain weight to deflect attention or compliments about their appearance.

“So to be heavier and therefore have a little bit of a shield from those comments can actually feel protective to some individuals,” Sarwer said.

In Dino’s case, he overate for comfort. Once he started talking with a therapist, his past came up, and as he dealt with the abuse, his depression lifted. He started playing music again and feeling better than he had in years.

Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy

Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy is a highly effective way to  Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy reverse eating and lifestyle habits that you may have developed consciously or unconsciously in the past.  Hypnotherapy allows you to reprogram your thoughts, beliefs and habits that are causing you to overeat or satisfying some hidden emotional desire within your mind.

What’s Involved With The Hypnotic Gastric Band?

It is simply a hypnosis session designed to make you feel like you have a Gastric Band around the top of your stomach however Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy also includes suggestions that you:

  • Eat Less
  • Feel full and satisfied with less food.
  • You love drinking water
  • You now love to only eat healthy food and eliminates the desire for junk food.
  • And also increases the desire to exercise
  • Plus these sessions are highly motivational to make you feel empowered to succeed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image Source

Click here to learn more about The Gastric Hypnotic Band Therapy!

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Gastric Mind Band Hypnosis: How To Extinguish Emotional Eating

Gastric Mind Band Hypnosis: How To Extinguish Emotional Eating

Gastric Mind Band Hypnosis  helps you to extinguish the desire for emotional eating.  Overeating is connected to emotions and habits and once you get into the habit of emotional eating it can be very difficult to stop.  However many people have completely kicked their habit of emotional eating with Hypnosis..

Four Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

Have you ever seen the film, Bridget Jones’ Diary?

In it, the heroine splits up with her boyfriend, and then does something that most of us are all too familiar with. She huddles up on the sofa, and eats her way through an entire carton of ice cream to gain comfort from her emotional upset.

The comedy value comes mainly from the fact that many of us will recognise the compulsion to reach for comfort foods at times of stress, anxiety, depression or sadness, as an in-built response to emotional upheaval.

I often work with people who admit that their relationship with food is highly determined by their state of mind, in terms of the triggers that prompt overeating.

When we are faced with challenging times in our work or home lives, it’s almost instinctive to seek ways to comfort ourselves, and food is one of the most accessible, simple and rewarding ways of doing just that.

Often, we can crave sweet items or foods with high fat content, as they bring instant gratification and can distract us from what is going on in our lives.

Experiences that shape our attachment to food

People can often have a complex relationship with food.

Things that happened when we were young can sometimes have ongoing long-term effects on us; for example, when parents demand that we finish everything off on our plates, this habit leads us to carry on eating even as adults, regardless of whether we are satisfied or not, as it’s an ingrained part of our psyche.

Similarly, people who had certain foods restricted, or have been on a strict diet, will compensate after the diet stops by reaching for the foods that were previously ‘banned’.

I’ve worked with so many individuals who feel as if their weight problem is down to the negative emotional connotations which they have with food. Throughout childhood, food is often used as both a punishment and a reward, and this approach tends to leave some complicated emotional attachments in people as they turn in to adults and begin to explore their own free will to make choices about what they eat.

Gaining control of emotional eating

All this leads to a common situation; the desire to comfort eat as a response to emotional upheaval.

Although this may seem like an unconscious habit, it’s actually really possible to change your approach and stop yourself from reaching for that tin of biscuits or tub of ice cream when things get tough in your everyday life. The good news about emotional eating is that with just a few small steps, you can change your relationship with food permanently, eradicating the response to emotional challenges that leaves you feeling guilty, too full, and annoyed with yourself!

Using weight loss hypnosis to replace negative food associations

Weight loss Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a truly effective way of changing your instinctive responses to emotional eating. By getting to the very heart of the issue; your emotions, it works by replacing those negative associations which link food and feelings, instead replacing them with really proactive, positive measures which give food its real context once again, as something which we enjoy, and need to eat to survive and be healthy.

Weight loss hypnosis enables people who have been trapped in a cycle of emotional overeating to free themselves of the triggers, breaking the habit and leaving the individual feeling in control, positive, and much more able to manage their weight loss programme and future success.

If you’d like to know more about my weight loss hypnosis approach for banishing emotional eating, and feel that this condition is standing between you and the weight loss goals you’ve always dreamed of, get in touch and I’ll be happy to work with you!

Thousands of people have opted for Gastric Surgery only to find their cravings for food is as strong as ever which leads the way for them to find sneaky ways to cheat.  Gastric Surgery does not address the emotional needs of clients wanting to lose weight. I had one client tell me she used to melt down chocolate because this was the only way she could hold it down.

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 To learn more about Compulsive Emotional Overeating click here!

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Become Slim With Weight Loss Hypnosis Gastric Band

Become Slim With Weight Loss Hypnosis Gastric Band

The new and easy way to become slim is with the Weight Loss Hypnosis Gastric Band

To some it may sound a little crazy however the results have been amazing for those who have tried it???  Clinical Hypnotherapy has changed the way many people are opting for faster results and permanent weight loss.

How many times have you set a date to start your new healthy eating regime, done all of your preparation in terms of clearing out the refrigerator, getting encouragement from friends and family, eating your way through the junk in the cupboard to get rid of it…and then simply not managed to start your new plan?

This is a really common situation for so many people, it’s a wonder that anyone manages to lose weight at all!

The many excuses people come up with, to fail

Procrastination for lifestyle changes is probably the single biggest factor that stands between success, and failure.

If we never attempt to do the things we know we should, it means we can never actually succeed at them at all.

Take a look at some of the many excuses I often hear as a weight loss hypnotherapist, when I talk to clients about why they didn’t get off the starting blocks with their healthy eating plan:

“I can only start something new on a Monday”

“I had a friend’s birthday coming up, so I needed to wait until after that”

“I’ve had a hard week and I simply couldn’t face it”

“I’ve had a really bad cold, so I couldn’t start the plan until after I’d shifted it”

“I don’t have the time to dedicate to a lifestyle change right now”

“I know I’m going to fail, so why bother putting myself through the pain?”

“I’ve not been paid yet, so I can’t buy any healthy foods”

“I had an argument with my partner, and it put me off trying”

“I’m not sure I even want to lose all this weight. I wouldn’t recognise myself anymore”

“My husband/wife says he likes me just the way I am”

“I know I should have started the plan, but I had too much to do”

“There was too much nice food in the house and it didn’t make sense to start the plan right now”

“I’ve given up smoking, so I need to eat to replace the nicotine cravings”

“I’ve heard that healthy eating can give you all sorts of issues like headaches and irritability”

“I’m addicted to sugar/crisps/sweets/chocolate bars/donuts”

“My kids need all this food in the house, so I can’t change our diets or they’ll be really annoyed with me”…

…and on it goes.

It seems that for every positive reason people may have for losing weight and getting the confidence, body shape and energy they always dreamed of, there are a hundred other negative excuses waiting in the wings to jump out and sabotage us before we even get started.

The temptation to give up, before we’ve even started

The problem with Human beings is that we just love to procrastinate.

The old adage ‘Why put off until tomorrow something you could do today” doesn’t seem to hold any relevance when it comes to losing weight.

As soon as we decide we’re going to kick-start our new life through positive food choices, our brains immediately start to protest really loudly with a number of reasons why it’s not a great idea.

Instead of shoving these thoughts to the side, where they belong, many of us simply nod our heads, agree with the evil inner monologue that is trying to dissuade us from our goal, and decide not to bother reaching for the goals we really long to achieve.

To get the shape you always wanted, boost your energy and achieve long-term weight loss success, you need to change.

You can’t do the same things that you have done day in, day out, all your life and hope that some miracle will happen all by itself. You’re not going to lose weight and get healthy, unless you actively change your eating habits, and boost your motivation to succeed.

Crushing the evil voice that dooms you to failure

So, the next time your evil inner pessimist starts to discourage you from achieving your goal, try hitting back with some real, proven and irrefutable evidence that shows the many benefits of what you are about to do:

“I’ll feel really proud of myself when I achieve just one day on the new plan”

“As my eating habits change, I’ll get loads more energy and feel less lethargic all the time”

“The success from this one small step will lead to positive changes across my whole life, when I know I have the strength to succeed”

“Friends and family will start commenting on how great I look”

“I’ll feel so much more confident about my self-image”

“My complexion will improve, and I’ll get my old sparkle back”

“My mood swings will disappear and I’ll smash those afternoon slumps once and for all”

“I’ll be making amazing changes to my body, reducing the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes for life!”

“I’ll look great for that summer holiday we’ve just booked”

“I’ll be able to fit back in to those jeans at the bottom of my wardrobe at last!”

“I’m going to feel immensely confident because of the changes in my body, and the evidence that I can achieve what I set my mind to”.

These are much better phrases to use, when you start to give in to the usual rumblings in the back of your mind, encouraging you to fail.

Remember that if you do everything the way you always have, all you’ll ever get is what you have right now.

Do whatever it takes to succeed in your goal.

You’ll be feeling proud, exhilarated, confident and looking great in no time at all!

Becoming Slim With The Weight Loss Gastric Band

If your ready to start and overcome all the blocks to lose weight then the Weight Loss Gastric Band is the easiest and most powerful way to release all those blocks and start seeing the results you want.

Click here to learn more about the Weight Loss Gastric Band


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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss: How To Feed Your Mind and Not Your Body

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss: Feed Your Mind and Not Your Body

Feel Your Mind Not Your BodyImage Source

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss is all about learning to control your mind to eat only what it needs for your body.  For anyone trying to lose weight this can be the hardest part of losing weight.  You can have all the greatest intentions in the world but if you overeat your results will be slow or non existent.

There’s a great quote out there, attributed to Dorothy Day, that goes along the lines of: ” Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

In many ways, this is probably one of the most pertinent concepts for the work that I do, and the people I support to lose weight and develop a positive and healthy approach to their food intake and everyday diets.

While many people see food as being a purely physical thing which we use to gain sustenance, I’m always very conscious that you can’t separate our emotional and psychological responses to eating with the physical act, itself.

When most of us sit down to eat a meal, there’s a whole host of psychological processes going on which are much more powerful than simply sitting, and eating.

We have the social aspect of mealtimes, where families gather around the table and share their day, for example.

We have lunch out with friends, taking time to catch up over a shared meal, or the pleasure of going to the cinema and having a box of popcorn with a partner.

Much of our social interactions and what we do seems to revolve around the act of eating, showing that food is much more a part of our social, emotional and psychological make-up than merely being a way of gaining sustenance for survival.

This means that when we want to tackle issues such as difficulty in losing weight, challenges with making healthy food choices or reaching a plateau in our healthy eating regime, it’s critical to look at the psychological aspect of our approach to food, rather than just the physical evidence.

For example, someone who has an issue with eating lots of junk food at certain times of the day, is much more likely to be battling with a deeper problem than a simple craving for sugar, or a desire to eat. The psychological reasons behind our reaction, response, approach and attitude to eating can often be so powerful that they control our diets completely.

Why focussing just on the physical won’t change your weight

This is why when we’re looking to tackle long-term weight loss, it’s really important to take stock of our mindset, and work to put in place positive and powerful suggestions for beating old habits.

This could be through coaching, to encourage the individual to feel more confident about their personal strength, motivation and ability to succeed at their goal, or through hypnotherapy weight loss, replacing old food associations with more relevant and workable alternatives.

When someone succeeds in losing weight, a whole host of emotional rewards take place.

We feel proud of our achievement, we feel more confident about the way we look and feel, and we gain really strong motivation to continue with our healthy eating to carry on the positive feelings of success and strength that reaching our goal has brought.

For me, these emotions are the very crux of long-term weight loss success. It’s these feelings that we want to get to, and maintain, as they are the single most powerful tool in assisting each person to achieve the weight they always wanted, and then maintain it.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss: Food for thought:

It’s true what they say – if you free your mind, the rest will follow.

Your body is just a vehicle for all of the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs you have.

Because of this, you will always have absolute control over how your body behaves – because it’s your mind that tells it what food to consume, and what choices to make! This is why any coaching or hypnotherapy weight loss programme designed to help you lose weight will work directly with your mind (your thoughts, motivation, aspirations and determination to succeed, confidence and strength) rather than simply focusing on your body.

Get the best results?

When you feed your mind with powerful and positive thoughts that are aligned with your desired outcome you boost your confident and determination to enable yourself to succeed!!  Click here To learn more  about  Hypnotherapy for  Weight Loss

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Experience Hunger And Eat Less

Learning to experience hunger

In conditioning your mind to eat less it will be important to learn to experience hunger. You may have developed the habit of impulsive eating which affects many people. Impulsive eating is where people eat at the first sight of food or they may think they want food when in fact the body really needs hydrating or the mind needs stimulating.

As you experience hunger it is important to intervene to help your pre-occupation with food subside and for your attention to be placed elsewhere. Initially you may find it a challenge but as time goes on you will get used to the process and begin to automatically eat less. In summary you will be carrying out new habits that are conducive to eating less.

In effect you will be reconditioning yourself away from the habit of overeating and instead learning to satisfy yourself with something non food based. This will help break the cycle of over eating and as the weight drops your feelings of achievement will motivate you to carry on.

3 Steps to eat less

1. As you notice you have a craving to eat ask yourself if you are truly hungry. If you have eaten a decent meal within last few hours and common sense tells you that you haven’t burnt off the calories, then you probably don’t need to eat again until your next planned healthy meal.  So in other words STOP and think before you impulsively eat food.

2. If you realise that you don’t actually need food to fuel your body at this time then intervene immediately by taking your mind off to do something that diverts your attention away from food. It is always advisable to have a bottle of water with you so you hydrate your body. You may divert your attention away from food by catching up on some work, doing self hypnosis, reading a book, going for a walk, doing some housework or visiting friends. It really doesn’t matter what you do so long as your mind is distracted.

3. Finally having succeeded it is important to congratulate yourself and affirm your success. Do this by mentally telling yourself that you are a winner when it comes to controlling food and hunger. Your subconscious mind will begin to program that you are successfully in control of food and you have adopted new behaviours when you experience hunger.

How hypnotherapy helps

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis for weight loss helps control the amount you eat by using a number of mind programming tools. During a hypnotherapy session the hypnotherapist will often help you to relax and focus on embedding new beliefs that you are in control of food so that you eat less. Certainly with my own clients I ask them to see, hear and feel themselves in control of food eating less and eating better. Furthermore a professional hypnotherapist will always teach you self hypnosis so that you are empowered to program your mind to eat less each day.

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Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Inspirational Motivation

Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Inspirational Motivation

Hypnosis for weight loss is the most powerful way to change your habits and lose weight.  Hypnosis is highly inspirational and  natural way to lose weight by giving you the motivation and unwavering desire to want to change, and in the process you need no discipline to do so.   Hypnosis works on your unconscious mind to make permanent and lasting changes to transform your daily habits to support safe and easy weight loss.

 Hypnosis works on your unconscious mind to make permanent and lasting changes to transform your daily habits to support safe and easy weight loss.


During Hypnosis your unconscious mind will be reprogrammed to guide you to want to do all the things you know you should be doing and you find yourself following the guidance of the unconscious mind.

Image Source

You can change the world inside you any time you wish and Hypnosis makes these changes instantly in your mind, so you never have to struggle or discipline yourself. 

This is the easiest way to lose weight ever!!

To learn more about losing weight with hypnosis click here

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Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

Are you serious about losing weight?  If you have tried everything and still feel like your not achieving the results you wish for then it’s time to adjust your thinking connected with weight loss.  This is where Hypnosis shines!

Are you ready to lose weightSource

Tips For Getting Serious About Losing Weight?

It’s all in the mind…

Having supported thousands of people to lose weight there is one thing that 99% of my clients always share with me; they tell me it is all in the mind. Most have tried restricted diets only to find that the weight piles back and misery returns. Have you been there too?

As you probably know I am not an advocate of restricted diets because before long you feel as though you are living in a straight jacket. Indeed restricted diets make you think about food even more. Denial is doomed and mentally you probably find that you crave into junk food more than ever.

The secret is to regain control

With all my clients the goal is to regain control over food and develop a lifestyle plan that conditions the mind to eat less and eat better. Hypnotherapy and coaching help to do this by developing new habits so that a pre-occupation with food reduces and other aspects of life become more interesting and important.

Here are my top 5 strategies to gain control over food so that you eat less and eat better:-

  1. Ditch excuses: let go of any excuses that you have held onto as these will crush your weight loss
  2. Get excited: align your weight loss to an end result that truly motivates your focus
  3. Learn self hypnosis: a qualified clinical hypnotherapist will teach you how to use this tool
  4. Occupy the mind: bring into life new interests and goals so that food becomes less important
  5. Learn to manage cravings: condition your mind to automatically do something else rather than automatically reaching for food

Killer Motivation

Without motivation your weight loss will stall. Working with clients I always develop a motivation plan as this will help drive and ignite the passion to lose weight and keep it off. Begin thinking about your true motivation for losing weight and make these motivating factors your focus.

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works

Clinical Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you gain a focused concentration to control food so that you eat less and eat better without having to embark on a rigid diet. The hypnotherapy will also embed new beliefs about food and increase your motivation and optimism about losing the unwanted weight for good.

In summary hypnotherapy will do 3 things:-

  1. Help you to eat less and eat better by affirming the belief that you have regained control over food.
  2. Increase your motivation to lose weight by programming and focusing your mind to be excited about your weight loss.
  3. Support your mental strength to continue your weight loss for the long haul and to help keep it off once you have lost it.

If your serious about losing weight and  feel Hypnosis for weight loss could be the answer to your prays, take the first step today and click here

 You can also check out Wikipedia for more info.


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Hypnosis To Lose Weight – How Does It Really Work?

Hypnosis To Lose Weight – How Does It Really Work?

Hypnosis to lose weight and how it works is changing many peoples mind about how to approach weight loss.  Why?? Simply because it is so easy.  I have seen clients suffer with weight issues all their lives begin to lose weight even after the first Weight Loss Hypnosis session.

Joanne lost 5 stone and 11lbs using a combination of Hypnotherapy and Motivational Coaching Techniques.  There is rarely a day passes when I am not asked how hypnosis for weight loss works?

I can even recall my parents asking me the question about how my passion for weight loss hypnosis helped people to get the outcome they really wanted.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be defined as an altered state of conscious alertness. In other words you are neither asleep nor awake. You are in fact relaxed, calm, and contrary to popular belief you are always in control. It has to be one of the most pleasant experiences.

Hypnosis To Lose Weight– The Process

When clients visit me I always begin by explaining the process of hypnosis for weight loss.

I explain 3 straightforward points which I will share with you:

1. The goal of the hypnosis for weight loss is to help your mind gain control over your eating habits. In other words the hypnosis for weight loss will help you to eat less and eat better because the hypnosis will help to embed these positive new habits.

2. The  weight loss hypnosis treatment will also help to motivate your mind. In other words help to ensure your mind is excited, determined, and driven to achieve your goal.

3. The process of the hypnosis for weight loss will include using a range of what we call hypnotherapeutic mind programming processes. This may include helping your mind to experience what life will be like having lost the unwanted weight. Sometimes it may mean helping you to get the part of your mind that is responsible for controlling the amount you eat, to become stronger so that you eat less.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – It Builds Your Motivation

Is your real issue about not having the motivation to lose weight and keep going? If so weight loss Hypnosis is incredibly motivational when conducted by an experienced and inspiring hypnotherapist.

When working with my clients I place a lot of emphasis on motivation as this is what most people are seeking to help them lose weight. When your mind is excited and motivated your ability to lose weight and keep it off is increased fourfold.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – What happens between sessions?

It is important to be supported between the hypnotherapy sessions for the weight loss so that the new habits can be formed. Hypnosis for weight loss is all about habit changing so keeping in touch with clients in between the sessions is helpful. I offer my clients email and text support so that they are further motivated and encouraged to adopt the new habits.

Hypnosis To Lose Weight– Working Together

I am often asked how people can work with me and what my style is like. In summary I like to work with my client closely so that we become a team.

Our teamwork is important and it also makes the process exciting rather than ‘hard work’. Of course I will also help you to ditch anything that stands in your way so that you can get the weight loss result you want.

I now work with people either face to face on a 1-1 basis, or if you live some distance away I use Skype or telephone.

Hypnosis offers a lifestyle change that many people on a diet or weight loss program dream of but never seem to be able to commit to or follow long term.  If you feel hypnosis to lose weight can help you then you are right.

To learn more about the Success Of Weight Loss Through Hypnosis Compared To Dieting Click here!


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How Clinical Hypnotherapy Helps You Lose Weight Fast

How Clinical Hypnotherapy Helps You Lose Weight Fast

Clinical Hypnotherapy For Easy Weight Loss

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps you lose weight fast due the fact that you are aligning your mind to guide you to achieve your desired outcome.   It is the mind that tells you your every move including what and when you eat along with how much food you eat.  Image how easy it would be to lose weight if you mind was programed to guide you to eat less and stop picking on food between meals.

Can this really happen?

The answer is most definitely yes!

Many people have misconceptions about hypnotherapy and its ability to help them either emotionally or even physically. Often views about hypnotherapy have been coloured by watching stage acts where hypnotists have had people making fools of themselves in the name of entertainment, or in the world of film where the victim has been made do things against his or will by a sinister figure using hypnotism.

When considering whether hypnotherapy can really help, it is important to ignore these notions about the subject because they are false. Hypnotherapy is a legitimate form of therapy to help people overcome destructive habits such as smoking, deal with emotional difficulties, phobias and even cope with physical problems.

Watch this video to see how Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight fast.

Image Source

Hypnosis Weight Loss is proven to work at its best when the patient has a strong determination and will to get fit. The process might become more complicated if the patient does not want it. Proven tests claim that the method shows patients loss up to 97% more weight than they normally would.

You may be wondering how this miracle procedure could exist without the clinical hypnotherapist actually controlling the patient. However, the truth is that the hypnotist only guides the patient using repetitive consolation and encouragement that strongly affect the patient’s mental image. Therefore, it is a safe procedure that works efficiently to cut down your weight without you losing any sense of control or consciousness.

Furthermore, Hypnosis for Weight Loss sessions are stress-relieving, enjoyable yet effective. Also, it has been proven that if you continue with the sessions results have been shown, that the weight loss percentage doubles! Helping you giving up those extra pounds in almost no time.

Gastric Band Hypnosis – Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The Gastric Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis for Weight Loss system encourages you to eat a wide variety of healthy fresh nourishing food, but you will only desire to eat smaller portions whilst feeling full and satisfied.  This is a major advantage over other dieting methods as it supplies your body with adequate nutrition including protein and vitamins which you need for a strong, healthy and energized body and to be able to live a socially normal life.

Testimonial from a very happy Gastric Band Hypnosis Client

Hi Mel, i am Teresa and I am the mother of 6 children with and a Nana at 40.Weight loss weight gain and every remedy known to man has met me and failed.This is my first week on the hypnosis program and i have lost 4.1kg and to top it off my body does not even crave more.I am a pastry and savoury lover and the sight of freshly make vanilla slice did not even catch my eye.I am amazed and ready for the stop smoking program.Trust me if this works on me you too will succeed.

Teresa Holding  – Victoria Australia

Lap Band Hypnosis surgery is the cheapest and most successful weight loss surgery you will ever have with no nasty side effects or complications.   When you want to learn more about Weight Loss Hypnosis and how you can give up those extra pounds quick and easy click here! and get Melanie Davis’ online weight loss hypnosis program and start losing weight today!

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