Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis For Weight Loss System – Created By Melanie DavisLap Band Surgery Hypnosis

My name is Melanie Davis and I am a mother of three grown children, living a very busy life  in Australia.   Throughout my life I have always  had  problems controlling my weight, eating a diet of junk food, skipping meals and  living on tea and coffee.  At times my weight would increase dramatically and I would make every excuse under the sun as to how this has happened……….. followed by many claims of starting a diet….

I would continually say next week I shall start my diet … and then that day would come and go.  Sometimes I would start a diet and promise myself that everything would be different this time… but within days I had given up…

Then one day I was trying on a special dress I intended to wear to a wedding and I couldn’t do up the zipper,  my family all rolled around the floor with laughter and I stood there laughing too, but deep inside me the pain and hurt is something I will never forget…. the shame… the tears… and the heartache along with the  tears flowed for weeks.

I watched the TV commercials and read magazines about all the different way to lose weight and how other people had successfully lost weight… but still I was just dreaming….. doing nothing……..something in my mind just wouldn’t help me do this.

One day I finally admitted I WAS FAT AND I CREATED THIS ALL BY MYSELF”!

From that day forward I made a decision to own my problems, take action and change my life including my existing belief patterns and habits.

I knew hypnotherapy could assist me change my mindset beliefs that were not helping me lose weight .  I studied Gastric Band Hypnosis                                   many different types of  healing therapies including Mindset Belief Patterns, Manifestation,  NLP,  Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Thought Field Therapy along with many healing modalities, and combined the best leading edge techniques to create the Gastric Lap Band Hypnosis.

These recorded self hypnosis session  of my Hypnosis for Weight Loss – the Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions have been successful for me and many thousands of people I have shared them with. I only wish someone could have offered me this system to shed that unwanted weight, without me having to spend years learning how to do it for myself.

Today I am free of weight issues and eat only small quantities of healthy foods, I enjoy walking every day and now take wonderful care of myself.  I  feel fit and full of energy and never have to worry about my weight or what effects the skipping of meals was doing to my body.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your weight and life then this is definitely something you need to start today…..to walk on the successful path to a slimmer, healthier life filled with love and happiness like I have.

For further information on how to gain the benefits of  Gastric Band Hypnosis

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    Wonderful beat ! I have been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered vibrant clear idea on how to lose weight. Thanks

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